7 Minutes of Silence

It’s sometimes my favorite part of the day. 6:53-7:00 am. One child has left for the bus, two others and my husband are still asleep until the 7 am alarms jar them from slumber.  If I’m not preparing dinner, I absorb this perfect peace and hope to keep it within throughout the day.  At this time of the morning I can enjoy my Chicago Tribune comics and a yogurt with no calls of “mama…”.  

There are no cell phones jangling in my pocket, no urgent work emails coming in, no children asking me to sign one more form, no husband wanting to know what’s the daily schedule, and even the dogs are laying quietly at my feet not asking to be walked with those whimpering eyes.

Frankly, for these 7 minutes the time is mine alone. I know that no critical or mundane issue is going to make me deviate from my sitting quietly, eating, watching the fattening robins scuttle around the rain-covered grass.

6:59, I hear socked steps slowly slipping down the stairs, one minute before the first alarm goes off.  6 minutes of silence–I’ll happily take it today, before the race begins.  C


3 thoughts on “7 Minutes of Silence

  1. Theresa Gralinski

    I’m sad that we’re grateful for only 7 minutes. That doesn’t seem like enough in a day. I want more. We deserve more. What is wrong when 7 minutes a day is all we can carve out for ourselves to meditate a bit? But I find I rarely get more than that myself. I’m trying not to answer every email/phone call/cry for help the moment it happens. I’m trying not to multitask, but to focus. I’m trying to set my own day, rather than have my day set me. Trying being the operative word here. Living in the moment is probably my most difficult challenge — always has been, and may always be.
    Like the blog. May have to start one myself.

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