Has spring sprung?

Will spring arrive by May?  I certainly hope so,  despite this funky snow/rain/cold weekend.  Here are  some  photos I shot in December, just to remind us that the weather truly was worse out there. (but berries after snowstorm

winter birdbath

gave opportunities for beautiful pictures).

With the sun peeking through the billowing grey and white clouds, I can see two Mallards (nicknamed Chip and Dip) swimming in the water-filled culvert in the front yard.  We had a muskrat hanging around the backyard all day yesterday, fascinating us as he waddled about the yard, and an elegant heron flew overhead.  The frogs serenade us with their mating songs throughout the days and nights–do they ever sleep?–and the first crocus are searching for warmth, their purple and white heads turned towards the sun. 

Here are a couple pictures I took after writing this post today, of our yard and Freddie–the new nickname for the muskrat:


white crocus

Yes, spring is coming–just slower than usual.  We who live in the Midwest can certainly appreciate the changing seasons, especially after a snow-filled winter.  C


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