A Life Undone

A smattering of sentences in one journal.  The opening chapter to a chic lit story in the computer.  Poems left incomplete with unfinished endings and tangled metaphors.  Scores of photos stacked in boxes to be catalogued and placed in books, faces always smiling.  Filing piling up.

Why do I have a large stack of incomplete projects? Is it fear of knowing the outcome and not liking it? Fear of success? Changing priorities? A spark of billiance but nothing to carry it through? 

Probably a combination of reasons, but I’m fairly positive I’m not the only person with undone projects—others have the half-completed paintings, lyrics to a song with no tune, a model car unpainted, that perfect dress unsewed.  All projects that could fit on the Island of Misfit Toys in the beloved Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Yet with all this, I began a blog last week to fill up yet more hours of the day. My sister  Sharon encouraged me to start this blog after she began her own at http://oneluckybird.wordpress.com/.

“I think it will be a good exercise for you,” she said. 

Starting this blog has inspired me to write almost daily, look through the camera lens with a different angle, and be willing to share my thoughts and photos with friends, family, and perfect strangers.  From someone who holds her words close to her heart, this is a large undertaking, especially when I encourage people to include their comments on my site.

If this blog causes further procrastination on the projects dusty in the corners, then it is not helping me in a quest to cross items of the undone list.  But, if it inspires me to write “The End” on the  incomplete story or have a stack of photo albums for the kids to peruse, then Sharon was right–it is a good exercise for me. C

2 thoughts on “A Life Undone

  1. Fear is the mindkiller…

    I do understand but in the conquering of our fears and misgivings, we move forward as writers (and people). I spent three years on a novel I had no expectation of placing with a traditional publisher…and then I discovered the blogosphere, loading my supernatural mystery on my site last month for free download and earning thousands of hits.

    The lesson: if you write a good story, they will come…

  2. Lucky Bird

    Thanks for the plug Cindy! I have been enjoying reading your many and numerous posts. You have a lot to say, and a lot to share – hopefully this project has increased your 7 seconds – you totally deserve it!

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