White Guy with Dreadlocks

“Why would a white middle-aged white guy with shorter-than shoulder length hair wear dreadlocks?” my friend Renee and I asked as we ate our lunch.

She thought it was a joke at first, but we then realized he was serious about his look.  I personally thought he looked like a cartoon with his short gray hair in dreadlocks, his tiny glasses, and large upper-body making him look out of proportion.  He sat reading magazines and newspapers when we came into the restaurant and was still reading when we left, never eating.  Maybe he was a plant, there for conversation purposes.

The term “dreadlocks” was coined during the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica and signifies inner sprituality. Interpretations are that it means horror and “fear of the Lord”. However, they have been in existence since ancient times.  There are writings from India from 1800BC  that talk about coiled hair. It’s possible that the infamous Samson wore them.   

There are some religions and cultures that almost force dreadlock creation, since people aren’t supposed to interfere with their hair growth.  Some might also wear them as a sign of lack-of vanity.  There are several cool sites on the internet with people wearing dreadlocks and information about how to grow them and products to use on them.

We should all know our limits of what looks silly.  Dreadlocks look natural and comfortable on some people; not on this man. But, each of us has our reasons for why we style our hair, clothe out bodies, and wear makeup and accessories to express ourselves.  Fashion savvy or not, according to the latest style magazines, we leave behind a sense of who we are with our actions, our words and the way we look.  That is what he was doing, and I give him credit for daring to push the boundaries to show who he was.  Bon appetit.  C 


3 thoughts on “White Guy with Dreadlocks

  1. Cindy Cardinal Kennedy

    Uhhh..that I would like to see. I think it will be very hard to a white guy with very little hair to grow them. Maybe try some hair extensions.

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