Guitar Genius

I didn’t own any Eric Clapton music-until now.  While I enjoyed Clapton’s music, I didn’t truly appreciate his impact on music and others’ influence on him–until now.  I didn’t realize how  autobiographical his music was-until now.  I recently finished and absolutely absorbed his autobiography, Clapton

Eric Clapton succeeded in life because of this love of music, despite his lack of love for himself, abandonment by his mother, massive amounts of drugs and alcohol, and loss of a child.  He was in Chicago last summer rasing money for his rehab center in Antigua, Crossroads.  I wish it was this year, when I would understand this project better and encourage all my family and friends to attend. Creating this recovery center for addicts seemed to help Clapton take control of his own life, possibly for the first time.

He jumped from band to band early in his career, trying to find one to play the types of blues music he loved, yet had success with all his bands.  He crossed paths and worked with many of today’s biggest blues/rock/jazz artists, many when they were all reaching for success. He fought a solo career though he said “I knew I had it in me early, but I had stuffed it down to the point that I stopped believing in myself.”  (p. 120)- who hasn’t felt like that?

Until Clapton mentioned his diaries in the middle of the book, I wondered how he remembered dates/places/people in such detail, especially during his drug & alchohol hazed days. No matter what field you work it, it would be amazing to  collaborate with such a wide range of talented individuals on projects. 

His book Clapton is such a telling story about life and addiction, enabling,  the difficulties of overcoming fears, problems, devastation, and the choices we make in life. C

note: I also wrote about his autobiography in my blog on April 15,08.


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