16 Going on 112?

AnnieMy oldest girl Annie turns 16 today! Annie has lived with us since her first birthday–shy at first, extremely fearful of males, she didn’t know how to play or walk or talk…er, bark.   Annie was the second Australian Shepherd to join our family, she quickly became a favorite for all our guests. 

Annie is a beautiful blue merle with one partially blue eye. Visitors always wanted to “make a coat of her”, her fur was so soft.  And once she lived with us, and our other Aussie Maxx taught her to trust, she is still the happiest dog I know.  I wish we could all go through life as content as her.

She loves to run the shoreline on the beach,  used to love long hikes to chase the squirrels, chase balls, and have belly rubs. She has made dog lovers out of children terrified of canines, and she has taught our newest Aussie—an abandoned one we got as a 3-month old puppy–how to be part of a family.

It’s amazing that Annie has made it from San Francisco to Chicago to the suburbs, every change so simple for her. Enjoy your bone; you have earned it! Happy Sweet 16.  C


3 thoughts on “16 Going on 112?

  1. Lucky Bird

    Aww! Happy Birthday Annie – you have been a great friend to all of us. I miss tossing a ball with you! 🙂

  2. BAMstutz

    I babysat for Annie when she was puppy, and then a little while later I adopted a little kitty-cat called RUPERT who turns 14 this year as well. He’s sitting on my lap as I type this, skinny as a skeleton but purring like an engine.

    Here’s to the animals in our lives….

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