Know what it means?  Probably not, since I think our family made it up. Learn it, since it can come in handy sometimes.

As a joke, my husband taught my kids the lovely phrase “Shut your pie hole!”  It became a joke with us, but it started being said a bit too frequently.  And some people truly didn’t appreciate the humor of our kids saying it.  Said in jest, we think it’s funny.

So, we shortened it to S-Y-P-H.  Then we don’t offend everyone who hears it. And we still think it’s funny.

It became so popular on my daughter’s 3-v-3 soccer team, S-Y-P-H may be their new team name.  Others might not get it, unless they ask, but we will.

So say it proudly, when the need arises:  S-Y-P-H or the real thing “Shut your pie hole!”  C


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