Stomp in the Theatre

It was a Lovefest at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL earlier this week, and my family relished being part of it.  We went to see the show Stomp, in town for two days, and if the audience could have kissed each performer, they would have.  The actors must have felt the rapture from the crowd, as they hammed it up, smiling from opening through encore.

My husband and kids had not seen the show before, and they all truly enjoyed it.  Kids between 5 and 85 around us clapped and laughed and were mesmerized by how you can make music out of anything.  Brooms, chairs, oil drums, bags, newspapers, garbage cans, basketballs, lighters, even the kitchen sink.  The energy was palpable for the entire almost 2-hour show as the actors got the audience involved with clapping, snapping, and yes-stomping.  Even I joined in, which I usually don’t do.  (humbug)

The rhythms were usually on beat, and everyone was impressed when they beat on their “instruments” of old signs and tins high above the stage, and the clomping of the ski boots on oil drums was sufficiently impressive, but perhaps the end with the true dancing and music with the garbage cans was the highlight.  The kids argued about their favorite number for over 20 minutes on the ride home.

I don’t remember the show being so funny the first time I watched it; I certainly laughed hard this week.  Whenever it seemed that one number was getting too long, they switched the tempo or added humor.  My only complaint involved the dragged-out newspaper act, which could have been cut in half.

If we could all perform in a show like that daily, there would be no obesity in this country!  High energy, aerobic, and humorous, it kept us laughing.  And free parking to boot–a successful night was had by all. C


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