Reality Show Rejects

Based on what I see on “reality” family TV shows, I will never qualify for a “reality” show.  The families are either very high-end, wealthy housewives from either coast, moms with 24 kids, or people in desparate need of parenting skills.  My social circle and I have fulfilling, hectic lives, but we are not shown on “reality” TV.  Are we too normal?  Boring?

I don’t agree, though I absolutely fit the cliche profile of a working, suburban soccer mom. My friends and I may not fill an advertiser’s bill, but life is definitely not mundane.  We all have learning curves as our children grow older and develop new interests and hobbies that we know nothing about until they delve in,  problems with school and friends, and some have physical and learning issues.

We all have differing parenting and personal styles;  varying relationships with our neighbors and families; we work hard at our careers, parenting, and volunteer hours; we have our health  and waist-management concerns; we have parents who are aging or dying; siblings we love who we can’t help through their own routines and crises; we sneak in a couple hours developing our own interests when we can; and we support our children-our spouses-our friends-our families as we serpentine through each day.

And yes, we can party until 4 am with our friends and then get up to cheer on the soccer/hockey/dance/karate/thespian stars the next morning. 

We hope to pass our strengths to our children and hope our weaknesses will not impact them in the long term.  Each day is a new journey, and we hope for a nugget of wisdom to remember from our friends , our family, our own self-learning.

So, no, I may never be part of a false “reality” show, but I oftentimes think that my reality is much more vibrant, memorable, and interesting than what I see on TV. 

Oh, Happy Mother’s Day to all my reality co-stars.  I wouldn’t replace you, if given the chance. C


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