First Ride on My New Bike

I spotted the two plastic deer–you know the type–on the side yard as I cruised by on my bike.  Wait–they weren’t there last week. I slowed down and stared as I passed by, wondering why they were placed by the trees. One then slowly turned her head and gazed straight back at me, wondering who was cruising by on a gold bicycle.

I rode around the end of the cul-de-sac, headed back up the street, and both deer were standing in the middle of the street, watching with beautiful brown eyes as I rode past them.  We inspected each other almost comfortably as I passed by, neither mother or baby moving a step until I traveled around the corner and out of sight.

I finished my ride and hope they found their lunch, if that’s what they were looking for.  An unexpected diversion on my jaunt, silent but left me with a smile.  C




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