Frustrating, but a Lesson Learned

Last week I had a very difficult riding lesson, in which I felt I accomplished nothing.  The horse and I were not in sync; I could not get him to do the most basic of maneuvers for someone with many hours of riding experience.

I wanted to end the lesson, but when Jeannine agreed I could dismount, I declined so I could work through it.  After all, it was a gorgeous day out–and I would much rather be riding than sitting at my desk working. 

When my mentally-painful lesson was completed,  Jeannine said something I have been contemplating since then.

“You are a capable rider.  You just need to know that you are capable of doing this.”

Isn’t that the truth of it? There can be a wide berth between being capable of something and being aware of it, so we can act on it.  We all know people who think they are far more competent than they are in various tasks, and others who don’t know their capabilities and strengths.

I AM capable of doing many things on a horse–I just need to realize I have more skills than I envision.  Hard to do, after a bad fall and injury last year.  When Jeannine then pointed out that a couple years ago if a horse spooked and took off galloping I would have been thrown, last week we only went about 10 feet and he stopped (correction–I stopped him).  I had to take away the minor victories of the day. 

Today I rode my favorite horse Felix, who I haven’t ridden since my fall, and we had a beautiful time together.  I’m being taught to think like a horse, which is helping to better understand his responses. I need to realize I have the ability to do more than I have been doing and surpass what I am attempting.  I just know how hard that ground is, so I will take my time. C


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