50-50 Friends

Everyone has them–men, women, boys, girls.  We cannot escape them; some are drawn to them like the unknowing fish to the wriggling, hooked worm, pricked and caught, the lucky set free.  Do they even know what they do?  They must, it happens so frequently.

You know them–We invite them to our outings, we include them in our plans, and they may or may not show up.  They may not even call to say they are not coming.  Why is it that some people think it’s perfectly okay to accept an invitation, then cancel for reason #43 or #97 on their list of excuses?  And we accept the lame reasons with a flourish of the hand, we are so used to it.

Yes, I know that we all have times when we need to reschedule, but there are some who we just expect to cancel. The few I will only pencil onto the calendar, since why bother with the ink that won’t last the day?

Why is their time so much more valuable than ours?  Why does catastrophe (in the most untrue sense of the word) follow their steps, coating them at every chance with the next reason to phase out?  

Why do we continue to include them, if they only show up 50% of the time.  When they are there, they are often witty, inclusive people whom make for a fun event.  

We have just learned that we shall are not depend on them.  I wish they came with a blue freckle on their neck, or a streak of green hair, so I could identify them right off, rather than waste many a good evenings learning they may or may not join us for a cuppa.  I just hope I am never known as a 50-50 friend.  If I was, I would think it time to choose some new companions, or rearrange my life a bit. C

2 thoughts on “50-50 Friends

  1. Lucky Bird

    As I’ve move through life I am constantly (and hopefully) meeting people who could potentially be a friend. It really does come down to the question: will they be the 50/50 kind who just don’t get it? or will they be the ones i can count on? Somehow a number of the 50/50 kind have enough good qualities to stay on the invite list, despite their flakiness. The keepers are the smaller percentage, but I’m so thankful for them! 🙂

  2. Nino

    Natalie & I have always held to commitments
    (unless something like a death in the family) we make even if it means lack of sleep. One of our biggest peeves in life! I guess it comes from a upbringing of respect for people and holding to your word.

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