Writing Inspirations

Had a fabulous time at the Printer’s Row Book Fair in Chicago yesterday! There were many types of people  buying books and memorabelia and food and listening to authors speak.  My friend Theresa and I bought several books all signed by the authors, which my kids think are totally cool.

It was so inspiring for we aspiring writers to see so many authors taking with their customers and listen to them speak individually or in panel discussions .

Hopefully we will both try to write more.  As a bonus, I have a whole new list of books to read.

Here is a sampling of thoughts from several authors:

“Fiction tells truth of the heart that non-fiction histories cannot tell.”  Nancy Horan, author of Loving Frank.

Nancy Horan again, talking about how she writes historical fiction:”You go respectfully into the past and try to walk empathetically in their shoes.”

She also said to get the voice of the times she is writing in she reads newspapers from the period, books, letters, and tries to remove all of today’s sayings from her writings.  I loved hearing her talk about the immense amount of research she did for her book, the unexpected journeys those searches took her on, along with the people she met who helped bring her story alive.

Finally, a thought from first-time author John Otterbacher, about why he writes:  “I have always had an eye for the horizon.  I’ve always been curious.”

Take their inspiring words and pick up your pen or your computer, and let the writing begin.  Just know that Otterbacher said he wrote 8 drafts of his book Sailing Grace, and Nancy Horan threw out her first draft of Loving Frank and started from scratch.  Daunting thoughts! C



3 thoughts on “Writing Inspirations

  1. Theresa Gralinski

    Okay! See you’re already up and writing. Love the quotes you picked. Love the pics especially the one with the old books. I am so inspired by both Nancy and John. I’ve told at least three people already that you are my perfect person to take to the book fair. Please save the date for me next year.

  2. Eileen

    Met John Otterbacher at Printers Row Book Fair. I bought a book – signed. He asked that I e-mail a comment. Have been unable to get through on sailinggrace.com. Had a lot to say about the book

  3. haveanopinion

    Eileen, if you come back to the site–We too bought signed books as gifts. That is what inspired us to hear him speak. I have not yet read the book. Did you enjoy? C

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