Just Another Party in the ‘Burbs?

Startlingly red beer cups found in our mailbox two days after the party were just another reminder of the fraternity party  neighborhood party that we hosted last weekend. I can’t imagine what the mail lady thought if she saw them earlier. 

Uncork the wine,  tap the keg, shake the bob-tinis of many flavors,  and mix favorite libations! These  were combined with non-stop food, music and conversation until 3 am. Everyone stripped off their winter cocoons  and let loose that night.  What a riot of an evening, with absolutely no negative drama, just neighbors and new friends getting a bit wild. A beautiful summer night, once the mosquitoes abated, many people spent time on the deck or the screened-in porch.

What began a tame, typical party quickly transformed as one group of boys men left at midnight to shave one’s head!  We waited for their return, a bit stunned they would actually go through with it…but they did. As the dancing began, it seemed appropriate that the cruise crew began with Low; later several dj’s took turns with the ipod–so there was a lot a musical variety.

Shatter! went a beer bottle onto the floor (there was a reason we had a keg…but alas it was gone by 1 am). 

Crash! A human domino falling into the table, knocking off the digital frame, the lamp falling onto the couch and the human himself landing mere inches away from the fish tank.  Imagine us trying to salvage flopping fish if the tank was destroyed or worse yet, calling 9-1-1. Phew!

Rip! went the arm of the fraying arm chair. no one claimed responsibility for that incident.

Ha!  ha!  Went the laughter as we danced almost until dawn.

A memorable night was had by most, though a few were a bit blurry on how it ended.  Next year–tattoos for all?  C



One thought on “Just Another Party in the ‘Burbs?

  1. Theresa

    Harkening back to college fun, I could hardly believe it was 3:00 am — already.
    A great group of conversationalists, turned pubbers, turned dancers certainly gathered on Friday the 13th to dispell any qualms about it being an unlucky evening. Thanks for another great night and an 8 on the hangover ricter scale.

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