Cracked me up

Not long ago, I was making chocolate chip cookies with my daughters.  We had all the ingredients on the counter when my middle-school aged daughter’s friend said “You use chocolate eggs in your cookies?”

Yes, they were brown eggs, and she had never seen them before.  Amazing….C

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 P.S.  I’m off for the weekend, so no writing for a couple of days.  Also, more comments would be interesting.  I see lots of people have viewed the entry on The Swell Season.  I would love to know their opinions of the concert, the film, or my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Cracked me up

  1. Kesha Cardinal

    We ran out of eggs a few weeks ago and Steve was at Target and decided to pick some up for us. There are no cage free/free range eggs at Target Boutique. So white it was. That night we made Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and Audrey said “Eeww Mom there is something wrong with these eggs. They are white!!!” So… can go both ways.

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