A Rainbow Day

 Locked on the 29th floor in strategy meetings all day–after a 2-hour commute to the city–I finally escape to the crowded, city streets.  The muggy air and throngs of people make me want to head north to the relaxing beach of WI, where I laid my head last weekend.

There I had the double good luck of seeing a rainbow and a shooting star on the same night.   Hoping the good luck rubs off on all. 

Have a great day.  C


2 thoughts on “A Rainbow Day

  1. “locked”, “escape”, “2-hour commute”, “muggy air”… sounds as if it’s a hard life in the windy city. Liked your comments to CH on slowing down, so when…?

  2. haveanopinion

    Simon, fortunately most days I work from home. The trip to Chicago, while productive, made me realize how fortunate I am! The weekends tend to be the downtime–and summer evenings, when schedules ease up.

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