One Patriotic Moment

On an early morning bike ride, I saw people out decorating bikes for a local parade, washing cars, walking, riding bikes, and getting ready for afternoon festivities with bunting, balloons and the requisite red-white-blue flags.  I was saddened and angered for a few monents, thinking of our troops stationed around the world on first-second-third tours in Iraq and Iran and Afganistan and many other countries.  Why can’t we bring some of them home, so if–God forbid–we have to fight within our own borders they will be strong, healthy and courageous on our own soil?

Why isn’t their peril on the front pages of the paper every day, and the lead story on the news every night, so we will keep them forefront in our minds and work together to bring them home?  While they are so far away from their familes and friends, we need to keep them in our prayers and hope that they return home safely soon. 

As we head to our barbeques and pool parties and fireworks and baseball games today,  the soldiers should know we appreciate their tireless work, even if we do not agree with why they must remain away from their own country on this Independence Day.

A toast, as our soldiers fight for others’ freedoms; let them enjoy theirs soon.  C


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