Ridiculous Photo Op

$10 million, $15 million, $20 million for a BABY PHOTO?  That staggering number is so absurd, I have not been able to dislodge it from my brain today.  Why in the world would a magazine pay that astronomical sum for babies who have done nothing in this world except descend from their mama’s womb?  I know, it sells magazines.  The numbers alone show how awfully skewed our society is, that people actually care THAT MUCH to see babies they will never know, hold, love or truly care about.

I certainly don’t blame the parents–Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, of course–for the media attention foisted upon them during this wonderful time in their togetherness.  It’s so sad that they had to put special materials on the windows so that the papparazzi could not shoot in.  If the paps could have, I am certain they would have taken photos during the delivery itself in all it’s wet, private glory. Yes, they work in a public biz, but they should be able to share their family on THEIR schedule. 

I hope that Jolie and Pitt are able to personally make that money from the first public photos of their children, rather than some photog tripping over the others, pushing their competition and some  innocents out of their way to snag that shot.  Jolie and Pitt can then distribute the funds to one of the many needy organizations they work with, where it can be used.  Or keep it and put it in some future college fund…as if they need more money for that.

Oh, and congratulations to both Jolie and Pitt on your new babies.  Enjoy a moment peace when you can, if you can ,with your growing brood.  C


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