Keep on Blogging

My dad has asked me a couple of times “Why do people blog?”

I am certain there are numerous reasons–to share our stories, to practice our writing, to have our voices heard, to make money: it’s a job for some, to promote a cause-business-sport, to rant, to chant, to lament, to laugh, to think out loud. Maybe just because we can.

Some blogs have a distinctive format, while my voice tends to alter tones depending what I am writing about:  my thoughts, my book/ film/museum reviews, places I have been, my family, my hobbies, my diatribes (not too often), my photographs, and daily happenings. 

It’s been an amusing and educational journey with some of the people I have spoken with online, comments from strangers on my site,  conversations friends have started with me about certain posts including some who I didn’t know were aware of my blog, and visits to other blogs.

What’s missing?  More photos, perhaps.  Some days I have many page views, some almost none, but I am learning so much about myself and the world around me, the tiny details that used to pass me by, that I will continue this exploration longer.   I would  be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on blogging–and my blog–as well. C

One thought on “Keep on Blogging

  1. Sharon

    im a blog slacker. im glad you have kept up your weekly routine! once i started working again, i am doing less fun stuff and have less time and energy to write the blog – even once a week – which was my goal. i just dont want to be one of those bloggers who apologizes for not posting. ill get back to it – one of these days!!

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