Belated Happy Hour

You know the day–it is fabulous outside, summer blue skies with white painted clouds and the perfect breeze. But, everything you do is slightly off. The bike ride you planned takes you on 3 different detours as you hit busy roads and construction, the kids say/scream “MOM” 1023 times, the dog throws up on the carpet, the phone rings with all the  wrong people, the computer doesn’t save your big project.  What would ease the stress, take away the strain?

A short outing with fun friends to laugh, forget, remember, plan, unburden, learn, enjoy, taste.  Back to the real world short enough, but the intermission is needed, wanted, Heaven, beauty, so simple. C


One thought on “Belated Happy Hour

  1. Theresa

    Heaven is right. I enjoyed it too. It’s pathetic how hard it is to arrange these outings…only because we’re a group of women who take our children, husbands, work and commitments seriously. I think we all know we need and deserve time to ourselves, and these get togethers are great because there’s always someone encouraging you to take the time enjoy life. And if you can’t juggle the schedule enough this time, there’s always next time. No apologies required.

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