The Late Sky Show

Dancing sparks of light shooting around battered gray clouds filled the late-night sky with an amazing display last night.  The lightning show after the drenching rains went on for hours, sending an alien morse code pulsing through the clouds, rendering them translucent and beautiful, so intimidating.  Were there angels dancing back there?  Had the sky learned the secret code from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and was now playing it back for us? Or was there a giant alien ship, ready to land next door?

I could not turn my eyes away, though I was fearful one bright light my stunt my eyesight.  I had not seen an electrical storm like this since I was a teenager, and the two Cindy’s watched lightning flash until the wee hours,  on the bed in her room, giggling and in awe, watching brilliant flashes of light over the tips of our toes, laying on the window sill.   I was brought back to those innocent days, as we tried to figure out boys and dreams and keeping out of trouble and how to prepare a simple meal for her sisters and maintain a friendship when there were long-distance phone bills and needed stamps to mail our letters.

I smiled as I came back to the present, still in amazement of the night sky. One more symbol of the power that Nature has, no matter how much we humans think we are in control.  Eventually, the silent storm moved on, dancing for someone else’s view, eventually dimming. C


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