Sayanora Summer

While there may technically be 25 days left in summer, for millions of American families the summer is technically, officially Over.  School starts today.  For us and many of my friends, it feels like summer really ends in early August, when schedules begin again, and we start prepping for school. 

Football practice–5 days a week for 8 year olds?– cut into any evening events, soccer camp, buying school supplies (including 3 packs of baby wipes and 22 boxes of Kleenex for the teachers), haircuts, shiny new shoes, Back to School Day, dental appointments or physicals, and even buying books for myself as I begin my first college class in 20 years all cut into the languid days of summer. 

I relish our free Sundays, which don’t fill up until this weekend with soccer and football games, fall ball and tennis for other friends, knowing that they end now.  We have made a conscious effort to enjoy our free time–swimming, biking, boating, and spending with friends–knowing that the Busy days start now.  Relax, while time is again speeding up, too soon, as the glorious days of summer beckon us from outside our windows. C

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