My First Day of School, or Too Many Mental Questions

My three kids and I all started school on Tuesday.  I now better remember their nervousness on the first day.  Can I find the classroom?  How crowded will the parking lot be (or how late will the bus be?) I am taking a for-credit digital photography class at College of Lake County, my local community college.  It’s been 20 years since I got my degree, and the thought of taking a college class was a bit intimidating.  What do people wear to school now?  Would I be 20 years older than all the other students?  Do I remember how to study for a test?  What if my photography is horrible and style is outdated? How will I have time for all this with family, kids’ activities, work, exercise, and volunteering?

I was relieved to walk into class and see several people who were older than me, a couple my age, and a smattering of students who fit the typical age college profile.  Our professor told us that there were 4 sections of this popular class, and they had to turn over 50 people away.  We signed many papers–boy, times have changed since college in the 80’s, and once we went over the syllabus I became more excited for this class. 

I am comfortable in the darkroom and can probably use my old (now broken) 35mm in my sleep, but I am still learning my digital SLR.  I  want to learn more about the digital medium and Photoshop, before I invest more money into freelance work and my burgeoning hobby. That is why I am taking this class. I am eager to start shooting pictures, but alas we have no class for two weeks. 

This will not be an easy class.  It will be a lot of work.  But I will better understand the stress, the uncertainty, the frustrations and the joy that can come with learning and the completion of a challenging assignment.  Let the photo shoots begin! C

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