Labor Day Festivities

Watching the news footage of hurricane Gustav as it battered New Orleans this weekend, I cannot help thinking about the phenomenal weekend weather we had in Chicago.  Nearing drought levels, we could use some of the rain that battered our spring, but let’s wait until the week.  Like the frenzied autumn bees, we spent as much time as possible outside, knowing that winter will quickly be here.

How many activities can one family cram in over a 3 day weekend?  Let me list a few:

1. 6 soccer games.  Does that count as one or six?

2. The first 8-year-old tackle football game–way more fun than I expected.

3. A pool party and an afternoon on our lake.

4. One dinner and movie date with my husband.

5. Spontaneous evening out with our kids and 2 families to see Squeeze at Ravinia on another stellar night.  And a better show that UB40 two weeks earlier; they sounded familiar, upbeat, with a couple new songs thrown in the mix.

6. A 9-mile bike ride in a Deer Grove Forest Preserve in Palatine.  We had never been there, but there was a varying terrain not to be found along the river.  Print your maps before you go, wear a helmet, and know that there are loose gravel spots along the path.  But a fun ride!  Next time we’ll hit the mountain bike path.  (in IL?)

7. A short stint deadheading and watering in the garden.

8.  Friday’s beginning which I already wrote about of volunteering at hippotherapy all morning and horseback riding in the afternoon.

Whew!  It was busy, but it was relaxing and many things were spur-of-the moment and plain out fun with great friends, a variety of locations.  Now, back to work and school functions.  C


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