Micro list of Awesome Things

I stumbled on my new favorite blog yesterday, titled 1000 Awesome Things, as it was linked to one of my posts.  How brilliantly simply to list 1000 awesome things, day by day.  It is witty and clever and makes me laugh out loud. The thought of listing 1000 of anything is daunting enough–names, places, planets,  counting leaves on trees, animals–but coming up each weekday with one new awesome thing makes for a brighter way to look at life.  1000 may be small when compared to 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000, but LISTING 1000 of anything would be tough, especially with the details.

Lots of comments on the site have people listing their awesome things. I came up with a couple of them, but I am not nearly as humorous as the blog’s author.  My starter list:

1. My girlfriends.

2. When all traffic stops for a family of mama and baby ducks to cross the road.

3. The calm of walking into the empty barn early in the morning, horses munching away.

4. Finding a perfect shell in the ocean, or sometimes a smoothed out piece of turquoise seaglass.

5. The first bite of farmstand corn in the early summer, cooked to perfection and slathered with butter and salt.

6. A rainbow after a storm–how about a double bow in the sky?

7. REAL ice cream.

8. What my son can create with 1000 Legos.

9. An unexpected hug or “I love you” from my daughters.

10. A handwritten letter in the mail.

There is my short list for the day.  Think about what to put on your list; I promise it will make you smile. C


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