Literally, Letting it ALL Hang Out

It was a full-house during The Full Monty at the lovely Marriott Lincolnshire theatre.  The show was raucous and hilarious and appropriate for only the 21-and-over, the play staying true to the English film of the same name, except the locale was changed from England in the original to Buffalo, NY on stage.  The performers, several of whom had been in the touring production, were outstanding for this small theatre. 

We arrived so close to curtain time that the 60-something usher told my friend Tracy to not go to the bathroom and miss the opening, as the Chippendale scene was one of the funniest in the show. I knew we were in for a treat after the first number, on our perfect girls night out.

As the show proceeded, I glanced around the theatre at the audience.  Why were there so many seniors?  Do they know what “the full monty” is??  Male frontal nudity, in case you are wondering. How many of them had seen the film?

There was a group of 8 octogenarians directly in front of us, four couples.  One male was so hard of hearing that the woman next to him had to repeat the jokes while the audience laughed and clapped. There were a LOT of seniors, a surprising number of couples, and groups of girls ranging from our age to their 70’s.  One group in particular obviously had a much longer happy hour than we did, cackling loudly throughout the first act. 

We all happened to notice three couples in their 30’s in the front row and talked about them at intermission, how two of the guys did not seem to enjoy the show, while one laughed as hard we did.  One buttoned up man in particular seemed too straightlaced to be sitting there, eyes wide, not responding too much to the humor–except, I wryly noted, during the gay-oriented humor in the second act.  Well, well I thought, very interesting.

So clever, the way the theatre pulled off the full monty at the end, the audience all roaring and cheering the male performers on.  All in all, an excellent show though we thought it could have been about 20 minutes shorter, and the introduction of one character’s mother dying and his coming-out moment seened forced and unnecessary.

We joked later that night that a group of our husbands could attend our neighborhood Halloween party “dressed” as the Hot Metal dancers.  Nah–we didn’t really need to see THAT much of anyone else’s partner. C

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