Over 4,100,000 Blogs and Counting

4,145,998 blogs, 140,622 new posts, 35,412,832 words today–that is what it said on the log-in page of my WordPress blog today.

That’s staggering–over 35,400,000 words written in one day about everything and more than we can imagine: politics, sports, celebrities, parenthood, education, religion, sex, nothing, pictures, family, rants, lifestyles, fashion, technology, travel, media from art to film to books to photographers to theatre.  Why?  Who has time to read it?  Who delves into it without being overwhelmed?

We are a hungry people worldwide, wanting to share our thoughts and ideas and humor and anger and hopes and expertise with ourselves and others who find their way to our sites.  We can tell that there are some silent viewers who come regularly and some who are enjoy being a part of our online writings. 

We must be starving to have over 142,000 blogs updated just today. If we can write about 900 words per hour (sometimes it’s more of a struggle, sometimes just a photo post), that calculates into a whopping 38,888  man-hours today we spent writing.  

What did we do with our free time before? And what to we hope to accomplish?  If someone can answer the last question, let me know. C

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