Kick Ass!

Kick Ass!  When I was a hipster, southern rock lovin’ girl in high school, Kick Ass! was the in-saying.  Not awesome or excellent or super or thumbs up, but a highbrow Kick Ass! What happened to such a great saying?  And whoever thought that kicking someone’s ass was a positive term, to throw out when a song-concert-film-outfit-football play-whatever was awesome-excellent-super?

There were many, many Kick Ass!  things during that final high school year, but I’m sure that our parents thought there were some asses to kick, without the exclamation point.  It sounds dated now, and I certainly won’t introduce it to my kids (unless they read it here) since “shut your pie hole” is already used enough in my house.

But I sure hope the White Sox kick the Twins collective ass tonight, so they can make the play offs.  That WOULD be truly Kick Ass! C


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