Football Frenzied Coaches

Friday night we attended our local high school homecoming football game.  During the 34-0 rout of the opposition, we heard nothing but positive yells from the fans and parents and students. At least, the students watching the game.

The following crisp, glorious morning my son Ronan played his tackle football game against Team Black of Town Obnoxious.  The coaches and parents on the opposing team were appalling, during the entire 7-6 (our loss) event.  The offensive coach especially SCREAMED at the boys the ENTIRE game!  Whether they jumped offsides for the fourth time (would they get branded X for that, I wondered?)  or scrambled for a 15-yard run, the offensive coach was extremely negative, breathing foul odors in their helmets, some of the sideline coaches jumping and cursing, their tire-shaped bellies flopping inside their shirts.

These boys are 7 and 8 years old!  What exactly are they playing for?  Bantam champion of the world? Our parents were disgusted, our boys in shock, and I was embarrassed for their team.  We told our coaches that win-or-lose, we would much rather have no one sit on the bench, try a couple passes, and learn to love the game. 

The big kicker came after the game when someone told me that we were playing Town Obnoxious team Red next week and they were filming our game to prep for next week.  Filming 8-year-olds? What a joke!

I told some friends this story last night.  Their son plays hockey at another high school.  They said that when their high school plays Town Obnoxious High School they require police in the stands, since the parents cause fights.

We might have been the losing team on the scoreboard, but our team was the winner on the field–players, parents and coaches.  C

2 thoughts on “Football Frenzied Coaches

  1. Lucky Bird

    Yesterday, I went to Jackson’s soccer game. I should have worn earplugs – the parents were SCREAMING so loud!! WIN IT!! WAY TO GO!! GET IN THERE BILLY!! BE AGGRESSIVE!! ugh. seriously – one woman’s voice was so SHRILL (as David put it) and annoying. I wondered – what do their children think? Does all this screaming and yelling help them play better (I’m sure the parents think of it as “cheering”)? I mean – the ref made some bad calls, and the coach wasn’t doing it right, and it was a championship game, but come on – they are just CHILDREN playing a game. There was so much tension in the parents section, I wondered if anyone was having any fun. I guess, not being a parent, I wouldn’t know.

  2. bobbie

    good sportsmanship is part of sports and it starts with the parents and coaches.The league should have some regulations regarding behavior at the games. The Flames are the best. They are winners both on and off the field.Keep up the good work.

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