Which came first? The howling press or the horrid economy?

Wow! It has been a week since I have written; the world at large has imposed its presence in my life in a huge way, with the economy turned upside-down, hours of work to do, an extremely technical class test last week and project due tomorrow (which I am still not certain the teacher will think my photos fit into his guidelines), a spur-of-moment trip with my lovely sister in law to help her out, and an out-of-town soccer tournament over the weekend.  And hovering about my thoughts the entire week was the topsy-turvey stockmarket/bank runs/mortgage collapse/avalanching savings accounts.  Fear prevails in my brain, as I step forward and onward and sideways, oh so delicately.

All around me are encompassed by this overwhelming news, barraging us daily-hourly–minutely.  24/7.  Like no other, it cannot escape our minds, conversations, and bank accounts.  The pundits and press making the horrible absurd and expanding it with their fear mongering words and graphs, until we cannot think or laugh without the economy coming to mind.  Scary times, scary place to be. 

Hopefully as the election draws near, the press can move along to another wounded beast, to collectively ravage and dismember.  Their howls will dissipate and we can enjoy the silence.

I don’t know if anyone missed my not-writing, since I don’t get many comments on my blog, but now that I had a short while to write, I know that I missed it.  C


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