Tomato Overload Sadly Over

Bruschetta. Salsa. Tortilla soup.  Tomato Sauce.  Chili.  Rice and beans.  How many ways are there to use up the mountains of beautiful, fresh tomatoes growing in my garden?  We went through weeks of chopping, slicing, dicing, stirring, cooking, mashing the mounds of tomatoes we brought in daily.  The bowls were daunting, piled high with oblong and round red spheres, but smelled so wonderful when mixed with fresh jalapenos or ciliantro or basil. 

I thought the tomatoes were gone until next summer but last night I was surprised to see a few remaining red bulbs. I pulled (probably)  the final, small-sized tomatoes from their vines, now drooping nightly from the chill.  I added them to homemade black bean soup, and we savored the taste of freshness. 

We have a few frozen stores of sauces and soups to relish during the winter months of pale, mealy tomoatoes in the store.  And then we wait impatiently for next summer, for the tomato avalache to return.  C

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