Sweet Surprise

I spent a warmish, windy Saturday afternoon prepping the garden for winter, continuing the task of cutting back flowers, deadheading, and pulling out many of the now unproductive tomato plants, though a few valiant survivors remain for a few short weeks.  And grape vines.  Have you ever cut back the reddening, hardened vines from a trellis?   Just know that there is no need for lifting weights after such an endeavor; it is extremely hard work.

As I was yanking out a couple tomoatoes, I found a sweet surprise nestled in the midst of the tomato plants–a few fresh sprigs of basil, which I thought long gone for this year.  Yum!  Just rubbing my fingers gently on the leaves and bringing them to my nose conjures up a smell of one final batch of bruschetta for tonight.  A garden farewell, of sorts, as the nights turn crisper, the sun drops quicker, and the early morning sometimes brings a layer of frost upon all it touches.C


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