“I’m Stupid”

“I’m stupid.”

I have a fellow student in mu photography class oh…half my age…and this is his mantra.  I have heard him repeat this same statement of “I’m stupid” from the first class at least 6-10 times.  He says he is stupid when he can’t tell the teacher how he feels about a picture on the screen, stupid when he doesn’t turn in his photo assignment on time, stupid when this week he asked for help on how to make a contact sheet (what?? This was week 6 we had to turn in a contact sheet, not including those with our assignments.)  We offered to help him, but when he went to load up his pictures…his camera batteries were dead.

Continually saying “I’m stupid” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for allowing yourself to become lazy and excusing anything you truly do wrong.  You do not complete assignments/projects/work because you are “too stupid” to do it. Even when I tried to tell J. that he was not stupid, he told me I was wrong.  He WAS emphatically stupid.  What a sad, self-pitying way to go through life. And how boring, after awhile. 

I am sure that most of us feel stupid at some times (I know I sure did, when I got my first test back), but the only way to become un-stupid is to work through the difficult things, not pass them by.  How else can we learn and succeed in new endeavors? C


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