Election Eve, Almost

Woo Hoo–only three more days until this election period is over.  I am so tired of the never-ending polls, recorded bogus phone calls, slanted mailers, the newspaper headlines critiquing every nuance of every sentence and outfit and misspoken word, and the politcal pundits who deem themselves smarter than all with their screaming, ridiculous commentaries. 

The crazy outrage of analyzing how much money was spent on Sarah Palin’s outfits–what exactly did people expect, taking a woman hunter/politician/mother from Alaska and putting her in the national spotlight glare?  I am certain they would have to do even more with me, not that I ever dream to be in her position.  How come no scrutiny on the men’s clothes?  cars? homes?  A bit biased, no matter who you vote for. 

A friend sent me a “documentary” video that totally outraged me.  Doesn’t matter who it was about,  or what side of the fence you were on–this piece was pure Propaganda with an ulterior motive.  I couldn’t believe that the narrator was selling this as an  “unbiased” story–and even worse, that people were forwarding it on as a truth.  Twists and turns, fiction and facts sold as fact.

People will take out or re-order sentences of peoples’ speeches and morph them to whatever their version of the story to sell. In less time than it takes to read this, you can remove the cellulite, modify the eye color, change the person I am standing with to ruin my life or sell your stories or make me laugh or cry.  Be wary of what you read and hear especially on the internet, even the TV and written news.

I will be happy to end this round of mis-truths and and one-sided debates and lies and fake-olosphies.  Hidden behind this hysteric selling and media are the platforms of people who really do believe they can make an impact, change their world.  Hopefully some of them can win their races, influence other, and rub off on those in office for mainly selfish, untrue reasons.

Whereever you are Tuesday, whatever your stance, be sure to vote.  Make your voice known with the mighty pen (or button, whatever is in your booth).  C


2 thoughts on “Election Eve, Almost

  1. Lucky Bird

    i’ll be glad when it’s over too. i’ll also be glad to finally have a democrat in the office. 🙂 please send me the fake documentary. i want to see it.

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