A New Hope

Barack Obama is the President elect, in the ole’ US of A.  Wow-what a stunner. This was going to be a historic victory no matter who won, with either a woman as vice president or an African American as president.  It only hit last week that I might truly see a black man as president in my lifetime.  I feel honored to witness such an occurrence, to a man who seems decent and hardworking and loyal and smart and charismatic and a family man and a gifted speechwriter and orator. 

These are unsettled times, and whomever won as president will have to walk a shaky path to straighten out this economy and war and healthcare and growing poor and international dependencies/relations.  I am nervous for all of us, waiting to our savings to rebound and our jobs to stay and houses to give us shelter.

 I am hopeful that Obama and his team will be able to pull us forward–at least back to where we were some time ago in the short term. I hope that he is a bold enough Democratic president who will cut back ridiculous pork-barrel spending and freely cut wasted programs created for single politicans and their consituents.

His campaign promised change.  We hope for it.  And we hope it is for a smaller, wiser, more manageable government.  C


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