Obama Idolatry

How can Barack Obama possibly live up to the hype about him in the media since the election?  And how can Michelle?  They have suddenly been turned by media into ideal idols, mixing amongst the people but every touch will be gold–for the people, for the economy, for the war, for the world, for the fashion designers and fashionistas.  And everyone already clamoring for their touch.

In the days immediately after the election, I didn’t want to read the Chicago Tribune in the morning or watch the evening news, everything was so saturated with even the mundane being hyped as news. What type of puppy they should get and how many times can they analyze it?  My two cents is that I think that whatever breed they buy is sure to sell thousands of future dogs, so I hope they visit the pound or a rescue group of a particular breed to find their new addition.  Shouldn’t every child get a new puppy?  And the oval office?

I was extremely sick of the interviews with many African Americans asking what it meant to them to have Obama elected, even 6-7-8 year olds.  But, then we watched the excellent Denzel Washington film The Great Debaters, and I realized why the reporters were asking all those questions.  Though women have fought hard for their rights in the US, it has been nothing compared to the blacks–expecially the southern blacks–as they have fought for their rights and equality through years of mindless bigotry and ignorance. 

I encourage all families to watch The Great Debaters or Mississippi Burning (neither for younger than teens) or Roots or other movies about the history of African Americans to remember the lynchings and wrongness and evils that happened–and still happens–in this country.  And now I listen differently, when I hear those interviews on TV.

Our country is ready to pounce on change, and I hope that Obama is the man to be the last one standing in the tangled game of Twister.  Or is it like playing Twister blind folded?  As we watch his steps, we should remember the shadows behind him, hidden from view, of our history and his people and our people and hope that he does not get too tripped up before victory. C


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