Slow Season

Everyone is running and the stores are crammed (didn’t look like a recession driving around yesterday!), people prepping for Thanksgiving and then Christmas craziness.  But our house right now feels calm, whole, and waiting patiently for the tree, the stockings, outdoor lights until after the big Turkey day.  I feel like I can breathe again, slowing down now that football is over, and the soccer schedule has eased up dramatically.  My daughter said our home feels “warm and cozy” this weekend, but she doesn’t know why.  Maybe there is no hecticness in the air.  (yea, I know that is not a word, but it fits)

I love that our family feels like a unit as we begin this holiday season. We can eat together, play games, do a puzzle, help with each other’s schoolwork (mine included), and we seem to have those extra 30 minutes to do waiting projects like hang pictures on the walls, go through drawers, put away the garden equipment or simply watch a film.   

Come December I will probably read this and laugh, rushing to buy a last minute gift or send out three forgotten cards, but I will savor this togetherness and slowing-down time and socializing while I can. C


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