Opening Night, Again

I was just wondering what it means about my life that the latest opening-night films I have seen were High School Musical 3 and Twilight (going tonight for that one). As one who loves going to the cinema and the cinema experience of losing myself in another dimension, I still read the movie openings/reviews/ads every week…but sadly see most of them when they are released on DVD. 

Going to the movies with my daughters gives us time together and allows me to share in their worlds, even if they sometimes sit with their gaggle of girls.  And I get a couple hours to sit, relax, eat my popcorn,  and get lost in the giant screen.   Since Tara and I both read Twilight, we will be able to discuss its conversion to film.  Should be interesting, based on the mixed reviews I have seen to date.

Next film, Bond-James Bond.  C

P.S  While sitting at  the Twilight premiere, I think I have redeemed my opening night viewings, as I also saw the witty Sex and the City on opening night.  Whew–that made me feel a bit better.


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