Opening Night Comparisons

Another opening night, more girls screaming.  Where do they learn this?  In Twilight, the anticipation to see Edward Cullen (the vampire hero) built, while in High School Musical 3 Zac Efron completely filled the screen at the beginning of the film, both appearances greeted with shouts and clapping.

As I sat through Twilight, I wondered which was a more realistic interpretation of high school.  Was it the bubble-gum happy world of HSM, with all jealousies and problems resolved at the end of the film or a world where vampires inhabit the school, mysterious and beautiful?  Both films included the brainy heroine, though both short a little in the common sense area (one leaves HS before her graduation and one is obsessed with a killer). Both also include the handsome, perfect-man boyfriend, one with charm who can sing, dance and play basketball, the other sexy, enigmatic, and able to climb walls, fly, and kill you with one long bite.

The film of Twilight was entertaining,  following the story faithfully. There were definitely chunks of the story missing such as the history of many of the vampires and the ending woefully cropped, the effects sometimes juvenile.  Both teens and moms preferred the book, though my daughter is ready to see it again.  I felt the book was extremely wordy in the middle–it needed a bit more editing–and the film also bogged down a bit at points, but it was enjoyable and tense escapsim. 

As for which file was better, I am certain that my 8th grader would have a completely different answer than my 5th grader. I shall remain the mum mom.  Maybe they care to chime in below.  C

3 thoughts on “Opening Night Comparisons

  1. Tara

    Okay, so eighth grader here. Definitely ‘Twilight’ was way better than ‘High School Musical 3’! Um, I don’t think that either of them show the true aspect of high school. I read all of the ‘Twilight’ books. I have to say, the book was so much better than the movie, but the movie was really good anyways. I agree with what my mom said about how they took many parts of the book out of the movie in hopes of making the movie shorter which somewhat dissappointed me. If you haven’t read the series, I would absolutely suggest that you should because they’re AMAZING! Haha. I may sound obsessed with them, which I’m not, I just really like them. If you want to see obsessed, look at my sister’s room and you’ll know what I mean. Haha. She’s a huge High School Musical fanatic, so if she does respond, it’ll be very different than mine, but whatever, everyone has their different points of few. Mine, I believe, is way better, that’s all. Haha. Well, anyways, all in all, Twilight was a great movie, but better as a book.

  2. Devon

    High School Musical was sooooooooooooo much better.(I didn’t even see twilight but I know hsm was better!) One reason it was better was because Zac Efron was in it.(Look at the paragragh again my mom spelled Efron wrong.) Anyway HSM3 was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!
    (5th Grader)

  3. Maddie

    Though I didn’t see High School Musical 3, and 2 for that matter, I did see the first one and I also saw Twilight. Seeing that High School Musical doesn’t really have a plot, I think that Twilight is better. The book, from my experience, was 2,227 times better than the movie, though the movie was excellent.
    Love, Maddie Moo

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