A Wonderful Cliche

Thanksgiving is such a relaxing holiday to enjoy once all the shopping, cooking, and travelling is complete. There are no expectations of gifts or glory, just a time to spend with family, friends, watching or playing football, eating, drinking wine, catching up on days gone by, more eating, and walking some of that extra food off.

Even as the world around us is full of dire news about the economy and our country, there are so many things I am thankful for this year: my three incredible children, a husband who supports all the many tasks and jobs and ideas that fill and escape my brain, a family that stretches from New Jersey to Oregon who will jump to help when we are in need, fun-trusting-caring-sometimes wild friends from New York to California to fill my home and in-box and mailbox with hope and (sometimes) tears and are willing to join us on this journey of life, steady jobs, hobbies that fill my free time and give me opportunities to expand my soul, all the volunteer work done this year, no more children in car seats and diapers on six hour drives to Michigan, dogs to hug and horses to let me feel free, a sun that breaks through winter grayness, an unexpected phone call, a Caribbean cruise, a stolen moment to write, a photography class.

And Thanksgiving brings me hope for renewal, for a better world, that we may find peace in 2009, that we may breathe and loosen our wallets as the economy improves, that the press will BE QUIET, that our soldiers might come home, that the Christmas season can continue a feeling of sharing and giving and hope.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors, my readers. May you find your stolen moment of quiet this weekend to do what you most love. C

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Cliche

  1. Theresa

    I’m thankful for a friend who drunk dials me the night before Thanksgiving to lighten my mood!
    Wish I was with you, but as Mike’s family dealt with serious illness that accompanies aging parents, I was glad to be able to do something concrete for this wonderful group of people.
    I am truly a grownup (I guess it’s time as I see 40 around the horizon.) My sister-in-law carried on with Turkey Day keeping it as festive as possible for all the kids while giving a comforting hug or pat on the shoulder to adult children with the bewildered look of fear their faces. In the end, Grandpa rallied, and so did our day. Faith, hope and love in action carried everyone through. It was amazing to see and I’m thankful for the experience.

  2. Marie Kennedy

    Was great to see all of you Kennedys. I am amazed at the growth and change in all of you, particularly the kids, every time we see you. Wish we could spend Christmas with you this year, but I’ll just have to say “maybe next year” to keep peace in my home. One of the nicest parts of spending Christmas with your family was being able to spend time with all of you, not fractured time and not separated by different households.

    We’ll try a spring event instead, probably “Mary Poppins” centered.

    Peace and joy to all of you.

  3. Janaki

    I’m thankful for my friends and family OK in Mumbai this Thanksgiving. This hit too close to home and I am glad everyone is safe and doing well.

    As this became my official Thanksgiving, (I had my first Thanksgiving dinner), I feel truly blessed and lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life and who surround me. Thanks for writing something wonderful! It put everything in perspective.

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