S-S-s-s-s-atisfying Read

I am amazed that the novel I finished this morning is a debut book.  It is richly worded, tightly drawn, with strong, varied characters and locations I could visualize, about an era, time and place very distant from my existence.  This must-read book is Serpent Box, by Vincent Louis Carrella. 

Serpent Box takes place in the deep south, late 1930’s, in the land of wandering preachers who drink lye and handle snakes to prove the Holy Spirit is with them.  The loving, roving family in this book truly came to life, with young Jacob Flint-the boy born inside the lynching tree–following in his father’s footsteps of becoming a snake handler preacher, feeling both the love and unending-pressure of the Holy Spirit with his every breath.

As they continue on their physical and spiritual journey to build their church, the road is difficult and filled with extremely unexpected twists.  I knew nothing about hidden-from-roadside, snake-handling, poison-drinking, speaking-in-tongues churches until I read this book, and their fervent beliefs. 

This book covers a huge range of emotions, from hate to despair to love to hope to fear to the thought that… “He [Hosea] promised himself that he would live every single day , not as if it were his last but as if it were his first.”

Serpent Box is a fascinating read. Then learning about Carella’s life and almost random inspiration for the book (photos of Appalachian life including snake handlers) and his jouney to develop the storyline and characters brought it full-circle (symbolism he would appreciate I think).   Just don’t carry it too deep in the words with you, especially with your jar of lye and Bible.  C

3 thoughts on “S-S-s-s-s-atisfying Read

    1. haveanopinion

      My name is Cindy and I am a mom, run my own business, and I like to write, do freelance photograhy, and have a passion for horses. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and told my book club that each of them should read it. I look forward to your next book!

  1. That 14 year old is some beauty – like her Mom and her Mom! Hope the family had a grand day celebrating with her. The photo is “cool”. Are you still enjoying your class? Perhaps you can educate me next summer. I do take and have lots of photos and the new camera one year old now takes excellent photos. Digital photography is an immense help for my art business. I’ll have to send you my portrait of Ronan like him it’s beautiful and all boy. I just read thru all your blogs and must admit you are a great writer and splendid thoughtful thinker and that I am proud to be your Dad. Sounds like all is well but cold and wintery in Illinois. Wish we were coming home for Christmas in a lot of ways but having Sharon here and Steve and family probably for the last time will be just fine. I too hope that Obama is the man people voted for Bush created a Perfect Storm for chnage the country needs help the Group in Washington all seem rather pathetic and unable to resolve our problems or come up with any new ideas. Does democracy does capitalism work? The answer is Yes if the right people are in control and governing. Guess we’ll find out soon if the Democrats and obama can make a difference. I hope and pray so too amny folks have tremendous problems. Here’s a prayer that the kennedy’s and Cardials are not included. Your ever loving – Dad

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