I am King

Talk about an egoist! I saw a tv ad today for Sean John’s latest cologne that truly had the name I am King.   Wow–I was amazed at the audacity of it, but of course envious at the lifestyle.  Isn’t that what they are selling?  Lifestyle,  mystery, joy, envy, sex, be different, smell better, become hotter, get more sex. 

That ad, and a plethora of cologne ads in the recent People “Sexiest Man Alive” got me wondering about men’s cologne.  Heck, People even included  sexy scents of a variety of sexy men in the issue.

The Ulta website had over 20 pages of different men’s cologne.  I perused, until I got bored.  Who wants to look at the bottles, if you can’t smell the scent?

There were the basics when I grew up: Calvin Klein, Polo, Old Spice (can’t believe they still make that!), Chaps. But it seems like everyone and everything has some creation:  Hummer! Usher. Dirty English. Intimately Beckham.  Every clothing designer . Unscripted by Patrick Dempsey (perfect for the Avon audience). Mustang.

Who wants to smell like a car? I imagine Hummer as boxy, loud, and overbearing, the Mustang chic and fast, hot.  What about Dirty English–the back room of some tavern tabletop after a late-nite dart session?  Yum–that’s got me going.

And the scent of cologne can be intoxicating, but also overwhelming if on too strong or on the wrong person.  You have to match the person with the scent–not the creator with an ad with a wannabee.

Read this description  for I am King from the web: Defined by unique masculine freshness, sparkling fruits and sensual woods…I AM KING cologne creates a new signature for modern men. It is a fusion of exotic scents that provides a jolt of intensity. There is an excellent mixture of fruits and woods, that gives the cologne its unique smell. The Sean John I am King contains fruits such as orange, tangerine zest, cranberry and a proprietary Imperial French berry note. This French Berry allows for a magnetic attraction and exudes an element of surprise. It moves on to add creme de cassis, the finest quality Kir royal, premium Champagne and cooling Mediterranean water. Finally it is topped off with key lime pie, lemon cream, labdanum, cedarwood, vetiver, white moss, sandalwood and clean powdery undertones. This combustible mix provides for the clean and crisp elegant style the Sean John I am King cologne is known for.

(A couple people have questioned who Sean John is.  A man of many names–Puff Daddy, Sean Puffy Combs, Sean Combs, P. Diddy, Diddy and probably many fragrances, you may know him under another moniker)

Now that’s so busy I only imagine YUCK!  If I was to create my own scent for me, guess what from the list it would it include–crisp, the beach, a campfire, mystery, lemon, bar-be-que shrimp, the barn, vanilla, crisp air dried sheets, twinkling diamonds, cut grass, tequila, and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.  And it would be called  “A Mom’s Day is Never Done” or for men, simply “Fatherhood.”   C


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