Merry Christmas!

Our priest at mass last night emphatically declared that “We are a merry Christmas people,” to a smattering of applause from parishioners.  And I agree that we are a “merry Christmas” family–in beliefs and thoughts yes, but in spirit as well.

We spent Christmas Eve day in a snowstorm morning, running errands and preparing for our Christmas day.  This is the first year we have ever had a party of five, no family here-no friends-still in pajamas for the evening film of Indiana Jones #4, opened this morning. It was a strange beginning  for us once the gifts were open,  but I eventually realized it has been nearly never since we all sat at home all day, no where to run to, no sports, no chores.  And we loved doing our thing–putting together legos (only 1000 pieces for the 8 year old), setting up the ipod, playing Pictionary/Connect Four/Scrabble and watching films.  An unspoken,  unwrapped gift for us all.

During this holiday season, may you and your family enjoy a quiet family moment, appreciate the beauty around you–be it falling snow or rain or sun–, hug your pet, share with those not as fortunate, explore somewhere new in your town and love most moments with your extended family.

A toast of excellent St. Francis Zin to you, and the merriest of Christmas (or holiday season)  to all my friends and family.  I have thought of many of you today.  Enjoy this needed break for all.  C

One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Bobbi

    Merry DayAfterChristmas! We missed you all greatly! We wished you were here! We thought about you and talked about you all day! – but, I understand the delicious closeness you must have felt having Christmas all to yourselves, rediscovering the family togetherness of the day and the season. How very blessed we are to be of a family which enjoys each other and finds joy in celebrating as a family. As Audrey said as we were leaving church on Christmas Eve – “God Bless You One And All”!!!

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