why bother?

Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to spend less time on “unproductive” things: blogging, playing bejeweled on my iphone, taking pictures, riding horses and more time on the things my family needs/wants/demands–laundry, cleaning, chauffering, watching them in their myriad of sports and performances, paying bills, shopping, more chauffering, and planning a multitude of fun days for then. Oh, then the rest of my time can be spent working, volunteering at school, equine therapy, church, finding new revenue streams  errrr screams.

That might make everyone else happy, but how that helps me, I can’t figure out in the least.  Scratch that resolution.  Let’s scratch them all and just try to have a peaceful, prosperous (at least stay on an even keel) new year, be gentle to those around us, help those in need, and explore new interests, friendships, and lands.  C


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