My Life as a Sitcom, Episode 1

If this were a sitcom, no one would believe this to be realistic. But we laughed so hard, I know it happened to me. All 16 of my immediate family members are on vacation in lovely Oceanside CA, for my mom’s 70th birthday.  Oceanside is a large surf town, about 38 miles of San Diego, the outdoors much more beckoning in winter than Chicago.

To remember the occasion, we decided to hire a professional photographer to freeze our families at this moment in our lives.  Now, I was not sure why we needed to do this, as we have a number of competent photographers in the family, and the several times we have done this before the photos have been forced and unrealistic depictions of us.  There is a reason why I have NEVER taken my children for formal portraits; I enjoy my candids so much more.

In hindsight though, this might have been a good idea (though I won’t confirm until I see the final work), since we have too many art directors, too many opinions.  Letting John the photographer be in charge let everyone relax.

Anyway, no one could have imagined all the bizarre happenings that occurred literally 20 minutes before he arrived, and as he scouted shooting locations.

First, a near meltdown as the tie on my daughter Devon’s shirt–a simple buttercup yellow ribbon, fell off and I had to re-sew it when I should have been in the shower. Seemingly simultaneously, a lens in Ronan’s eyeglass popped out, and Bob spent 15 minutes trying to repair it.  Two workmen showed up to fix the hottub and toilet as we were headed  out, and someone had to show them which rooms needed repaired.  Two of the older girls went for a last minute snack and spilled a huge bowl of cut watermelon from the fridge onto the floor.  As we were laughing but hurrying to clean up, my sister in law Karen announced her 10 year old son Jackson was throwing up!  How long did she have to get him to the beach?

A trooper, Jackson recovered long enough to be carried to the beach and force a smile for an hour. Now the shirt is pinned, the glasses repaired, the toilet flushing, and the watermelon disposed of.  Hopefully we will be rewarded with some excellent photos, to remember the funny day (Jackson may not want to remember).

imgp5365  More on vacation later. C


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