Cyber kisses and handshakes?

Yesterday I felt like Alice who slipped down the tunnel, caught in a maze of doors to open, lost in the keypad of my laptop.  I had a couple spare hours–what should I update first?  Excluding work, there was a myriad of electronic options–write on my blog, update my facebook page, find new contacts on Linkedin, upload and sort vacation photos, post new pictures on my Flickr page after categorizing photos, visit my family’s new social networking page, surf the internet, respond to an evite, donate online to a friend’s upcoming charity walk, start on a new freelance project…the list expands as I reminisce. 

I chose to start with a short facebook update, donation, then uploaded my photos woefully after the fact on my flickr page; hopefully the friends I sent emails to remembered attending the events with me!  But since I had photos from a school function to turn in, I can cross that item off my “to-do” list.  And there is now a new “2009” photos folder on my computer, already bulging with pictures from San Diego.

I was satisfied with my choices, but I continued to think about my long  “to-do” list that all involved the computer.

A day later, still rambling through the Gateway, I wonder if people still make face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact, with all the electonic conversations, bullets, rants, thoughts that pulse through the airwaves all day and nite.  But is a cyber handshake enough to cinch the deal?  If my friend is scared for the future, I can’t give her a hug online or reassure with the written word like the timbre and tone a voice and touch can give.  And when emotional, skittering fingers across cold, unfeeling letters can misconstrue words and thoughts. 

Yes, the computer (and the cell phone with texting) is a wonderful, useful time-saving  tool, but what are we losing, with the lack of  human interaction? Only time, measured in milli-seconds and over analyzed, will tell. C


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