Our San Diego Excursions

For those who asked me what to do in San Diego, it is a candy store of adventure: playlands, beaches, shopping and  phenomenal sunsets for those who seek it. The entire western border of beaches, tidepools,  dolphins riding waves with surfers unending beauty itself.

We stayed in a lovely condo in Oceanside, about 40 miles north of San Diego, right on the beach.  My son and several of his cousins ventured with the dads to Legoland–as Bob calls it “Crack for Kids.”  Being the Legomaniac, he was obsessed.  Kids over 12 might be bored, but the younger set can play for hours with the legos, ride the rides, see the amazing Lego exhibits.


Everything was set for the Lego innauguration.



You could spend each day at a different park, with an unending budget–which we did not have.  We made the right choice and spent the day at San Diego Wild Animal Park, since there is nothing like that around here.  On the tour around the park you feel like you are seeing the animals in the natural habitats, as you learn about how many are endangered or almost lost from civilization.  All the kids and adults loved it!

imgp5513There were also mini-habitats for birds and monkeys.  And fun (shhh..they’re educational) programs.


The older girls wanted to shop, shop–ick. But they found a couple stores in La Jolla to spend their money in, after I made them hike in Torrey Pines State Reserve.  Not the most spectacular place I have hiked, but pretty enough, with relatively easy, but hilly 1 hour hikes. 

jumping tide pools
jumping tide pools

But even with all the explorations we did, the kids really wanted to just head to the beach and play in the sand, find shells and rocks, jump the waves, grab the waves, play volleyball, and hang out with each other and us.

We adults looked forward to the evening sunsets on the deck, drinks in hand, an array of food and cameras spread on the table.

sand time!
sand time!
view from the deck!
view from the deck!
It was a wonderful place to visit.  Hope you enjoyed your 70th, mom! C

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