100 Posts and Counting

When I first began this blogging journey, I did not know where this odyssey would lead.  100 posts later (a surprising realization this morning),  the path has been like those I traverse with my dogs–well travelled at times, quiet at others, smooth, then bumpy, then twists with comments and direction from family, friends, strangers, authors, and others; sometimes happy-others frustrated or angry or bored, perhaps not consistent in tone but consistent in honesty.

I hope you will continue to join me on my quest, with words and poems and photos and laughs and tears, as I search through the grayness, searching for light and hope and wonder  and surpirse of the amazing simplicity and complexity around me.

I understand this blogging more than facebook, and welcome the comments of many, where people I never really knew don’t have to be my fake friends, but only have true thoughts–even as they disagree with me, no cyber-snubs here.

It only seems fitting to end with random but loved photos, taken by me. Happy post 101!

sleeping beach chairs
sleeping beach chairs
after hours
after hours



One thought on “100 Posts and Counting

  1. Bobbi

    Cindy, I loved your comments and pics on our wonderful trip to Oceanside CA.I felt I was back in the balmy weather looking out the fabulous picture wondow onto the crashing waves. Let’s go back!

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