Miniscule and Massive, Simultaneously

Riding on a ship with no land in sight, surrounded by the turquoise blue then steel-grey waves, a watchful warming sun and swiftly moving breezes, we saw no land for twenty-four hours. 

Gazing over the endless waters, an occasional ship in the far off distance, that ride made me think about  how truly small we physically are.  A speck. Of no significance.  Flick this boat like a fly and we disappear.img_07301

But I turn away from the waters, towards my group of friends, for the final day of the trip still laughing, joking, dancing, swimming, sitting, reading, sharing, sleeping. Truly joyful, as we live  in each moment, strangers picking up our energy and  sharing it with their groups, passing it around. 

And I realize that while we may be miniscule in the view from the clouds, in our small sectors, with our friends and family and fears and lusts and mysteries and goals and wonders, we do have an impact, we do love, we do have a reason to be, to laugh, to cry.  Our spirits, when we share them, are wider than the oceans, taller than the clouds.

And we should be so thankful, and are so lucky when we can experience freedom with the ones we love most.  Thanks girls, for another amazing holiday.  C


One thought on “Miniscule and Massive, Simultaneously

  1. Theresa

    I couldn’t agree more. The love, joy, respect and humor on that trip were palapable. In these times when the concrete things feel fluid — jobs, money, homes — I think friendship, laughter, support and sunshine become even more tangible, real and necessary. Thanks Kitty, VJ, Pam Ela, Penelope, Shakira, Julie (our cruise director), Sharp and my vegetarian friend for all you give me by just being in this world. (With a special nod to George David, whereever you are.)

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