Spring Tease

We who live in the land of all-four-seasons have one day we look forward to all winter–the first day the air hints of spring, the sky egg shell blue, warming winds drying the winter-brown grass.  You can’t appreciate this day in the tropics, the dessert, the southwest.

On that day–today—we pull out our bikes and golf clubs and wash the car and walk the neighborhood and roller blade, anything, anything to soak up that smiling sun.  My kids pull out their capri pants and flip flops–who cares if it’s only in the low 50’s when they leave for school–because we are so tired of the same shirts and jeans and boots and gloves.

Birds abound, swarming the bird feeder and twittering away, the dogs lie on the porch and keep guard, the cat gets up from its lazy spot in the sunny window, stretches, and strolls to another.  (Do they do much more?)

Unless you spend the winter in freezing temperatures, snow days, icy roads, gray skies, you cannot truly enjoy the first day of springlike weather. Surely to be followed by another just-above -freezing day. But we can savor it until the next one, impatiently waiting for the next one to break through. C

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